Sustainable Development Policy


We at Outback Adventures acknowledge the impact of our activities on the environment and the local community where we are based. We believe that we must work to optimize that impact, following sustainability best practices and principles.
To do so, we work to:

(I) Reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Actively aiming to reduce energy, water and fossil fuels consumption
  • Reduce the solid waste produced and operate effective waste management and recycling procedures
  • Use reusable, recycled and recyclable material where appropriate
  • Ensuring all waste water discharged from our operations is treated to meet national regulatory standards

(II) Implement purchasing policies and procedures to favor the local community, like locally produced goods and services in preference to imported products, wherever possible and reasonable.

(III) Ensure compliance with local employment legislation and local international laws regarding employment conditions, combat of discrimination, equality and respect of human rights.

(IV) Implement preventive measures and procedures to ensure that children are protected from all potential forms of abuse and to ensure that employees under the age of 18 are only employed in accordance with national regulations and the UN convention on the Rights of the Child, ensuring that International Labour Organisation conventions on minimum age and child labour are compiled with (

(V) Inform our employees about this policy and have it available for them within the business.

Geraldo Tejada
Director of Operations
Outback Adventures