Excursions from Bayahibe

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"This trip gives you a real insight into Dominican villages and lifestyle" "The scenery is spectacular, the sights often exotic, and the food enjoyable." "This was the most amazing day... One of the best tours we’ve ever been on." "We were hesitant to spend a whole day away from the resort, but it was well worth it!" "Lunch was provided with the most perfect view I could have ever asked for." "We enjoyed learning about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic" "Extremely affordable considering the amount of activities done throughout the excursion" "Lots of fun places to see, coffee farms, local fruit, make your own coffee, a must do!" "We were introduced to the Dominican champagne (Rum and Sprite) which flowed freely during the day!" "The lunch may have been my wife and I’s favorite meal on the island. It was that good." "No wonder this is the #1 rated tour on trip advisor, they absolutely deserve it." "We were able to sample fresh brewed coffee, cocoa sugar cane and home grown orange" "If you want to learn about the local area and want to support a great cause, do this trip." "It was wonderful getting a first hand look at life outside of the resort." "Go see what is beyond your beautiful hotel, you wont be disappointed, i promise." "Lunch was provided and eaten in an area with breathtaking views of the mountains and countryside." "This tour was educational but entertaining and I feel as though I learned a lot that day." "This was the most amazing day... One of the best tours we’ve ever been on." "We tried some pineapple wine which was surprisingly nice and local coffee and hot chocolate." "So glad we took the tour and got to see the countryside outside of the resort where we stayed." "This is an all day excursion which takes you to many places in a relatively short time" "We also got to eat a traditional Dominican lunch with a gorgeous view of the countryside." "The trip was very educational and we both walked away with new knowledge of the island." "If you‘re on the fence about this one just do it, you won’t be disappointed!" "We especially liked visiting the coffee / chocolate / coconut farms and the families who run them." "The lunch we were served was fantastic and we loved every minute of the tour." "Overall - a very good day, you meet some amazing locals and learn loads about the country." "If you are interested in cocoa, tobacco, and/or coffee, this will be very interesting for you." "We visited some lovely places and sampled coffee, chocolate and coconut produce." "This was an excellent excursion that gave insight into real life in the Dominican Republic" "The food was fantastic, the beer, and rum and cokes, and water flowed freely all day long."